Cozy Tips - Part II

Cozy Tips - Part II

A balcony and a porch is, without a doubt, one of the best places in a house to escape the routine from work and have some time to rest or relax.  When I drive around Nassau, I see so many homes with them but seems unused  and mostly forgotten. Working on a new home project is one of the most satisfying activities to do. How about turning that space into a cozy nook. Hang a hammock, place some cushions in it, hang some string lights, bring in a little nature with some plants, hang a chime, place some candles on a little table. Make it feel cozy and your corner to go and relax or take nap, read a book, listen to music or just do nothing. It’s ok to take a break and it’s healthy to take some time to yourself. Let’s scroll down to see some pictures 

My porch

We love this project done by our  beautfull customer Annie Martin 

My porch again 



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